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  1. Financial Accounting

Proper maintenance of books of accounts is vital to the effective management of the business organization. We undertake to maintain the accounting function of the business organization. In particular we maintain the books of accounts and perform routine tasks that a typical accountant is expected to perform. We are well experienced in accounting for various facets such as backlog clearance, accounting mess-ups clearing, preparation of final accounts and annual reports, and implementation of SLFRS for SMEs in Sri Lanka. Our staff is well experienced in accounting with many other services. Therefore, our staff is very well trained and experienced in accounting and it’s related other services.

  1. Statutory Audits

Meeting the statutory requirement of the annual financial audit is needed as to comply with the rules and regulations applicable to the business organization. We undertake to perform financial audit of the business organization. Through a comprehensive testing of financial statements prepared by the management of the entity we report to the owners of the entity, our opinion as independent auditors on the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the financial statements and any misstatements we noted during our test procedures.

  1. Internal Audits

It’s a known fact that most businesses collapse due to not having a sound internal control system which allows the management to run business activities smoothly. This line of service is provided to the business organization with the intention of reporting to the management about weaknesses in the internal control system of the entity. We perform a thorough study of the internal control system of the entity and the management is communicated about the noted weakness together with recommendations in order to rectify the same.

  1. Tax Planning and Consultancy

Because of not having prior tax plan, taxes have become the common challenge which most of the business people are concerned about in today’s business world. We undertake to establish a proper management of taxation of the business organization, which may create possibilities to reduce the amounts of taxes the entity both ethically and legally.

  1. Business Performance Review

Preparation and review of monthly budgets, cashflow analysis and management accounts is vital for the organization in order to streamline organizational activities and expand the business as it establishes proper control over limited funds available and unhealthy fluctuations in costs. It’s known fact that most small and medium-sized entities do not have the practice of a business performance review. Therefore we undertake to comprehensively review and analyze management accounts prepared by the Finance division of the business organization and identify trends depicted in them and advice the management about any weaknesses 

  1. Corporate Consultancy

Our team of multi-skilled professionals utilizes their expertise and diverse experiences in the corporate world to ensure that our clients receive the optimum solutions to their business challenges.

Service Profile –

• Corporate Planning
• Organizational Restructuring and Corporate Finance
• Feasibility Studies and Reporting
• Management Audits
• System Review, Designing and Implementation

  1. Company Secretarial Practice

Why bother about all these documentary work when you want to start a new business? We will take care of those on behalf of you while you can focus on formulating your strategy for the new business. We ensure speedy incorporation of your company and also assure that you meet your legal responsibilities under Corporate Law.

  1. Other Assurance Services

We undertake to perform interim financial, performance and internal audits, other compliance audits, SLFRS and LKAS conversions, stock verifications etc.

  • Forensic audits
  • Local APO service – Accounting and payroll
  • Cleaning accounting mess-ups
  • Undertaking sick companies and helping them for repositioning
  • System review, design and implementation
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate restructuring and corporate finance
  • Feasibility studies and reporting